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Bamboo seeds are seasonally available. We harvest our seeds, clean and select the best for you to grow. We offer a choice of a 10, 50 or a 100 count packet.

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10 count

50 count

100 count


Arundinaria gigantea





Seeds from the native North American bamboo known as CANE BRAKE.  Use for native plantings in
the Southeast to Indiana and Ohio.
1) sun   2) 20'   3) 1"   4) -10 F   5) 6-10  6) R
(follows same order  in all descriptions below...)

Borinda boliana





The original plant was collected in Sichuan, China but it does not seem to fit any of the species described
in China. It came here via the Fuji Bamboo Gardens in Japan. Has pale blue culms. Our plants have been
in sporadic flowering for 11 years-thus we have seedlings. We seem to have the only flowering one in the
country. Reaches large size quickly. It has become a personal favorite!
1/2   24'   1"   10 F    7-10   C

Chimonocalamus pallens





A new introduction from China a few years back via seed. New shoots are very blue and covered by
dark purple sheaths.
sun-1/2    25'    1 1/2"    10 F     8-10     C 

Fargesia murielae





A hardy green bamboo from the Himalayas. The favorite bamboo of the pandas. Currently in bloom.
Some dwarf cultivars. Seedling and division plants available.

1/2   15'   1/2"   -20 F   5-10   C

Pleioblastus shibuyanus 'Tsuboi' - UEDA-ZASA, FUIRI SHIBUYA





A nice mounding dwarf bamboo. The leaves are variegated with an interesting blending of the white
into the green. (Flowering in 2010-2011)
1/2   2'   1/4"   0 F   7-10   R