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Botanical name - Common name: English, Thai, Japanese, or Chinese, etc. A short descriptive paragraph about each species or variety. The six numbers and letter codes below the description are, from left to right:

1)The sunlight tolerance for best performance - full sun, 1/2 day sun or shade.
2)Full bamboo height in feet.
3)Full diameter in inches.
4)Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit where leaf kill may begin. Rhizomes may tolerate 10-15 degrees colder.
5)Recommended USDA Zones.
6)Running bamboo are designated with an R and clumping type spreaders with a C.

These are bamboo species from the higher elevations of the Andes, Central America or the Himalayan regions of India and China. Many of these species are fairly recent introductions and have not been trialed in all areas of the USA. All seem to do quite well along the West coast. Some do well in the Midwest and Middle Atlantic region.

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Borinda albocera (smaller form)

  $32 $42
A smaller Borinda with pale blue waxy culms and older culms transitioning to burnt sienna. Slower
growing thus retaining at petit size for pots or small gardens.
1) 1/2   2) 15'   3) .5"-75"   4) 15 F   5) 8-10  6) C    -  (follows same order  in all descriptions below...)
Borinda albocera (Yunnan 3)(Larger form)
  $40   $65   $95  
 A new introduction from Yunnan. Light green leaves and a very whitish waxy culm gives this species
the "blue" culm look. Nodes have a unique soft rubbery ring around the ridge and culms with fine
striated ridging noticable to the touch. Striking upright form. A large plant. May be a new species or a
hybrid. Fast grower!

1) 1/2   2) 26'   3) 1"-1.25""   4) 10 F   5) 8-10  6) C

Borinda angustissima (Fargesia angustissima)
  $32 $42
Another favorite bamboo of the pandas. Small leaves and purple culm sheaths give this clumper an
attractive appearance. A tall grower.
1/2   20'   1"   10 F   7-10   C

Borinda boliana (syn. Yushania Boliana)

  $32 $42
The original plant was collected in Sichuan, China but it does not seem to fit any of the species described
in China. It came here via the Fuji Bamboo Gardens in Japan. Has pale blue culms. We seem to have the
 only flowering one in the country. Reaches large size quickly. It has become a personal favorite!
1/2   18'   3/4"   10 F    7-10   C

Borinda contracta BIG
  $32 $42
A bushy and fast growing new species from Yunnan.
1/2   15'   .75"   15 F   8-10   C

Borinda fungosa (syn. - Fargesia fungosa)
  $32 $42
A recent introduction from the Chinese side of the Himalayas. Native habitat would suggest good
hardiness. Is used for weaving. Beautiful against a dark background. Nice looking under trees. Rhizomes
have survived near zero temperatures of an occasional cold snap however, the top was killed.
1/2   20'   1"   10 F   8-10   C

Borinda lushuiensis (Yunnan 4)

   $50   $75   $110  
Incredibly beautiful  new ornamental from Yunnan. Long droopy leaves, bluish culms and open form
make this the landscaper's pick under tall trees. Fast grower!
1/2   26'   1.5"   15 F   8-10   C

Borinda macclureana (KR in 1995, 1997, 1999) OUT
  $32 $42
From Tibet with tall culms colored with  green, grey and purple and abundant foliage supported by
multiple branches. Found at elevations up to 11,000 ft. this ought to be in the prime hardiness category.
New introduction.

1/2   26'    1.25"    10F    7-10    C
Borinda papyrifera (Stapleton 1046) FEW
    $75   $110  
  A large clumper similar to Borinda albocera but so Blue! Marked with vertical striations on the culm,
lush foliage and large culms that produce culms that are thick and hard, good to craft with.
1/2   26'    1.3/4"    10F    8-10    C
Borinda perlonga (Yunnan 6)
  $65   $95  
Another excellent new ornamental for the landsaper's palette. Blue culms, large and abundent leaves
with arching and curling downward culm tips.
1/2   20'   1.25"   15 F   8-10   C
Borinda sp. 'Muliensis' OUT
  $45   $65  
From Muli County in Sichuan, China. Broad leaved and may be deciduous in the colder part of its range.
Evergreen on the Pacific Coast where it thrives.
1/2    10'    .5"    10 F     8-10    C

Borinda yulongshanensis (KR4206)
  $32 $42
A new introduction and possibly from the highest elevations of 12,600 feet make this a very hardy
bamboo. Cool weather darkens the culm and sheaths to a purple haze. Sheaths feel rubbery when moist.
New introduction.

1/2   16'     .75"    -20F    5-10    C

Chimonocalamus pallens
  $32 $42
A new introduction from China a few years back via seed. New shoots are very blue and covered by
dark purple sheaths.  In flower as of 2011. 1 gal. seedlings available now.
sun-1/2    25'    1 1/2"    10 F     8-10     C    

Chusquea andina 'Blue Andes'
  $38   $70   $95
Small spiky blue leaves are unusual in bamboo. This species from the treeline of the Chilean Andes may
be one of the hardiest of South American Bamboos.
sun   12'   1"   0 F   7-10   C
Chusquea bilimekii
  $62   $85   $120  
Burgandy colored culms grace the upright form of this rare species collected from seed in the 1999
Mexican expedition. It grows at 9000' in the pine forest of the Sierra Occidental. The leaves are
longer and narrower that C. culeou species. Hardiness is not known. The best guess is 10 F.
1/2-shade    18'    1"    10 F    8-10    C
Chusquea circinata
  $38   $70   $75  
Dark colored arching canes with whorls of small leaves. Delicate looking.
sun-1/2   22'   1"   24 F   9-10   C

Chusquea circinata 'Chiapas' OUT
    $62   $85  
A smaller form from Chiapas, Mexico. Seed collected by Strybing Arboretum from a roadside plant in the
early 1990's resulted in fewer than 100 seedlings. These have been dispersed around the West Coast.
The plant has been verified as Chusquea circinata by Dr. Lynn Clark and Gilberto Cortés. Nice arching
culms are segmented into whorls of slightly larger leaves. In winter the new shoot tips and leaves are
creamy colored.
1/2   10'   1/2"   26 F   9-10

Chusquea culeou
  $38 $42     $70  
A hardy Chilean bamboo popular in Europe for many years. Light colored internodes with dark green
nodes. Several varieties and cultivars are available. Excellent wood with solid culms. Good for building
furniture, tool handles and hoop greenhouses.
sun-1/2   20'   1 1/4"   0 F   7-10   C

Chusquea culeou 'Aisen'
  $38 $42     $70  
Like he hardy species type mentioned above, there are several varieties and cultivars are available.
The 'Aisen' variety is a tall and hardy type from Southern Chile. These are the seedlings from a
colleague's plant that flowered in 2012. Excellent wood with solid culms. Good for building
furniture, tool handles and hoop greenhouses.
sun-1/2   20'   1 1/4"   0 F   7-10   C
Chusquea culeou 'Argentina'
  $38 $42     $70  
A hardy Argentinian species. These seedlings are longer branched  and alighter green coloring than
their Chilean cousins. Sometimes identified as Chusquea argentina.
sun-1/2   15'   1 1/4"   0 F   7-10   C

Chusquea culeou 'Caña Prieta'  (flowering 2019)
  $38 $42     $70  
NEW SEEDLINGS (syn. Chusquea nigricans)
Stiff dark green erect leaves on dark culms. Culms are dark enough to be almost "Black". Grows
naturally in bogs and wet areas. It is  called "Caña Prieta" in the trade.
sun-1/2   15'   1"   0 F   7-10   C

Chusquea culeou 'Hillier's Form'
  $38   $62   $70
Leaves in whorls on short tough branches give this shrubby clumper and interesting profile. May be
some other species. Came from seeds collected in Hillier's Botanical Garden, England.
sun-1/2   10'   3/4"   0 F   7-10   C
Chusquea cumingii FEW
  $70   $100  
Cute but tough little mountain top bamboo from Southern Chile. Stiff, tiny leaves are prickly feeling
when touched. A very interesting and lovely shrub bamboo. Cascades nicely on steep slopes.
sun   10'   3/4"   10 F   8-10   C

Chusquea foliosa FEW
  $62   $90   $120  
Beautiful long thin droopy leaves garnishing the trademark golden internode/ green swollen nodes
found in several species of Chusquea. Pretty reddish new shoot.
1/2   20'   1 1/2"   24 F   9-10   C
Chusquea gibcooperi  BIG
Also collected in 1999, this species has large leavers and very pretty rosy red new shoots and arching
culms. It has a fairly vigorous spreading and clambering habit. (formerly Ch. sp. 'las Vigas')
sun-1/2   8'   .5   20 F   9-10   R
Chusquea gigantea  (flowering 2019)
  $38   $62   $70  
NEW SEEDLINGS.Demoly (incorrectly known as "breviglumis" in the trade)(C. aff. culeou)
A nice hardy clumping bamboo from the cooler part of Chile and the Andes Mountains. Grows in a stiff
 vase shape. New shoots are shades of red or pink.
sun   22'   1 1/4"   0 F   7-10    C (large footprint)
Chusquea gigantea 'Giant Form' (flowering 2019
NEW SEEDLINGS  A hardy Chilean bamboo with the largest solid culms of all woody
Chusqueas. Light colored internodes with dark green nodes. Excellent wood with solid culms. Good for
 building furniture, tool handles and hoop greenhouses.
sun-1/2   25'   1 3/4"   0 F   7-10   C (large footprint)
Chusquea glauca
  $38   $62   $70  
 Probably the largest leaved Chusquea. It has a vining form in nature but stands upright without
support. Seeds came from plants collected in Mexico at 6000' elevation. Seedlings are growing
outdoors in Coastal Oregon.
1/2   10'   1/2"   20 F   9-10
Chusquea liebmannii
  $38   $62   $70  
An arching form tropical bamboo from Southern Mexico to Central America. The small diameter culms
can go to incredible lengths to reach the sunlight through under story plants. It has a bushier habit in
full sun. Good for wall plantings, espallier and a house plant.
sun   33'   1"   32 F   10   C
Chusquea mimosa australis BIG
    $70   $100  
From southern Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul at about 29 degrees S latitude. It can withstand light frost,
perhaps a bit more, heat tolerance may not be as big a problem for this plant as for some other species
of Chusquea. The small leaves appear in tight whorls on burgandy to pink culms culms and branches.
A personal favorite!
1/2   15'   1"   20 F   9-10   C
Chusquea muelleri OUT
  $38   $62  $ 70  
Collected along the roadside in 1999 high up in the cloud forest of Veracrauz Mexico. This small leaved
vining species is new to horticulture. It is very happy growing on the Oregon Coast. It is an unusual
Chusquea with a spreading habit. (formerly Ch. sp. 'Chiconquiaco')
sun-1/2   10'   1/2"   20 F   9-10   R
Chusquea pittieri FEW
  $38   $62    
One of the largest Chusqueas. A vining habit that climbs up and hangs down from trees. Personally
used as a house plant with nice results.
1/2   50'   2"   24 F   9-10   C
Chusquea subtessellata FEW
  $56   $80   $110  
A high elevation shrub-sized Costa Rican bamboo. Found in Cerro de los Muertos at 9000' elevation.
This bamboo has stiff leaves and orange colored culms. New species and has grown well in Oregon.

sun-1/2   6'   1/2"   10 F   8-10   C
Chusquea subtilis FEW
    $80   $110  
Closely resmbles C. foliosa and much easier to grow. From 2000-2,600 m elevation in Costa Rica. Very
fine leaf blades on arching and curling downward culms.
1/2   20'   1 1/2"   24 F   9-10   C

Chusquea sulcata OUT
A pretty bamboo like C. foliosa. New and there are very few plants available.
1/2   15'   1"   24 F   9-10   C
Chusquea tenuis BIG
    $42   $75  
Dark foliage like Chusquea culeou Caña Prieta. The leaves point upward on shorter branches. Also
carries these names: Chusquea acuminata, C. culeou var. tenuis.
Sun-1/2   15'   1"   0 F   C
Chusquea tomentosa
  $75    $100   $120  
A large, tall, vining habit bamboo with very long dark green leaves. It has a very beautiful form. It looks
beautiful in pots.
1/2   25'   1 1/2"   26 F   9-10   C

Chusquea valdiviensis OUT
 $42     $120  
Another climbing form of Chusquea that is from Chile. This is an aggressive, hardy climber that goes to
incredible lengths to get to the light at tree top level. Too big for residential gardens.
sun   40'   1.5"   0 F   7-10   C

Drepanostachyum falcatum- BLUE BAMBOO - see Himalayacalamus hookerianus 'Falcatus'

Drepanostachyum glomeratum - see Drepanostachyum sengteeanum(Arundinaria falconeri,
Himalayacalamus falconeri var. glomerata ) -

see Himalayacalamus falconeri 'Damarapa'

Drepanostachyum khasianum - KHASIA BAMBOO (flowered 2018-seedlings in 2020)
  $32   $42   $70  
The pretty purple noded culms bear big dark green leaves. The new culms are dark green and covered
with white powder. It has bigger leaves than most of the Sino-Himalayans. Takes warmer climates than
most Mountain Bamboo. A classy looking plant.
1/2   16'   3/4"   15 F   9-10   C
Drepanostachyum khasianum  'Shillong' FEW
  $62   $90
 The foliage is particularly striking, elegant with older dark green glossy leaves contrasting with lighter
new leaves, richer blue-coloured shoots and purple culm nodes. 'Shillong' differs from the standard form
in its smaller, narrower, thinner leaves, shorter stature, redder leaf sheaths and purple rings both above
and below the nodes. It is a great indoor bamboo.

1/2   12'   5/8"   18 F   9-10   C
Drepanostachyum sengteeanum 

  $32   $42   $70  
 It was formerly misnamed as Drepanostachyum glomeratum, and Himalayacalamus falconeri var.
glomerata ) - A delicate clumper with airy leaves and easily seen culms. The culms grow in a tight clump
with nodding tips. Culm sheaths are mainly glabrous, with a ring of hairs around the base. It is presently
being described by Dr.Chris Stapleton as a new species in honor of Dr. Seng Tee Lee of Singapore who
funded his post at Kew Gardens. A Himalayan beauty from 1992 seedlings.
1/2   20'   1 1/4"   18 F   8-10   C
Fargesia apicirubens 
  $32 $42   $70  
(F. dracocephala - DRAGON'S HEAD BAMBOO
A nice looking bamboo of the Himalayas where it grows at elevations over 6000 feet. Greener and
bigger leaves than most Fargesias. Takes more sun. The name Fargesia dracocephala has been in
question for some time. Recently in 2006 the species was finally identified as Fargesia apicirubens
1/2   10'   1/2"   -10 F   6-10   C

Fargesia apicirubens  'WHITE DRAGON' OUT
  $38   $56    
(F. dracocephala) / 'White Dragon'
A selected seedling with white varigation on he leaves. The only variegated Fargesia.
1/2  8'   1/2"   -10 F   6-10   C

Fargesia crassinodus-see Thamnocalamus crassinodus

Fargesia denudata
  $32   $42   $70  
The V-shaped weeping form is heavily foliated. A classy ornamental and  tight clumper.
1/2   16'   1/2"   0 F   7-10   C

Fargesia dracocephala 'Rufa'
  $32   $42   $70  
A hardy clumper with the added coloration of orangish culm sheaths. The smaller stature is a plus.
1/2   10'   1/2"   -5 F   6-10   C
Fargesia murielae - UMBRELLA BAMBOO
  $26   $38   $62  
A hardy green bamboo from the Himalayas. The favorite bamboo of the pandas. Excellent choice for
cold winter regions and along the West Coast.
1/2   15'   1/2"   -20 F   5-10   C

Fargesia murielae "SABE 939"
  $32 $42   $70  
From the Himalayas. 2003 seedlings from a plant in Northern California. Leaves of the parent were
significantly thicker than the standard form. Reported to be a different clone from the Sino-Himalayan
Expedition of 1980.
1/2   15'   1/2"   -20 F   5-10 

Fargesia murielae 'Sukoshi'

Diminutive version of F. murielae. Excellent bonsai choice
1/2   3'   1/2"   -20 F   5-10   C
Fargesia nitida - FOUNTAIN BAMBOO
  $32   $42    
The culms are mahogany colored with dark sheaths. The young culms are covered with a bluish-white
1/2   12'   1/2"   -20 F   5-10   C

Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou'
 $48   $66   $88  
New intoduction with deicate leaves and finely colored burgundy culms.
1/2   12'   1/2"   -20 F   5-10   C
Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou 2'
  $38   $62     
Similar to type species but more heat tolerant. It forms a more open clump. New introduction.
1/2   12'   .5"   -20 F   5-10   C

Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou 9' Some   $48   $66    
Red wine colored culms. Some of the reddest you will see.  Pert leaves and a beauty.
1/2   12'   1/2"   -20 F   5-10   C
Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou 10' Some   $48   $66    
Small delicate foliage on yellow culms. New introduction.
1/2   12'   1/2"   -20 F   5-10   C

Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou Genf'
  $48   $66   $88  
Intensly colored red culms when faced to the sun. New introduction.
1/2   12'   1/2"   -20 F   5-10   C
Fargesia nitida 'Nymphenburg'  (seedlings)
  $32   $42 $70   
Strongly arched branches with narrow leaves.
1/2   12'   1/2"   -20 F   5-10  
Fargesia robusta
  $32   $42   $70  
A strong, fast grower from elevations of over 8,000 feet in the Himalayas. Excellent foliage with large
leaves. Takes full sun better than other Himalayans.
1/2   16'   1"   -5 F   6-10   C

Fargesia robusta 'Wolong'
  $32   $42   $70  
Similar growth habit as the species above.  Much larger and glossier leaves. Excellent as a showcase
  1/2   16'   1"   -5 F   6-10   C
Fargesia rufa (See F. dracocephala 'Rufa'
  $32   $42   $70  
  A hardy clumper with the added coloration of orangish culm sheaths. The smaller stature is a plus.
1/2   10'   1/2"   -5 F   6-10   C
Fargesia sp. 'Scabrida' BIG
  $32   $42   $70  
New introduction. Similar looking to Fargesia rufa wider spacing between culms and more orangish culm
sheaths. Fast grower
1/2   14'   1/2"   0 F   7-10   C
Fargesia utilis (Borinda utlilis) BIG
  $32   $42   $70  
Native to elevations of 9,000 - 12,000 feet.
1/2   18'   3/4"   0 F   7-10   C

Himalayacalamus asper
  $32   $42   $70  
 (syn. "Neomicrocalamus microphyllus") - TIBETAN PRINCESS BAMBOO
Thin dark burgundy culms ascend to whorls of long narrow delicate leaves. The new shoots grow
upright. Older, leaved culms may hang out needing staking or pruning.
1/2   20'   1/2"   15 F   8-10   C
Himalayacalamus falconeri
  $32   $42   $70  
  Seedlings of the green form. Fast growing plants. The leave are a lighter green color but look similar to
the Candy Cane variety. Excellent form for the landscape. Most erect form than other Mtn. bamboos.
1/2   20'   1"   15 F   8-10   C
Himalayacalamus falconeri 'Damarapa'
  $32   $42   $70  
- syn. Drepanostachyum hookerianum - STRIPED HIMALAYAN BAMBOO, CANDY CANE BAMBOO
A Himalayan bamboo of great beauty. Slender branched masses of leaves born on culms striped in
yellow, green and pink. An occasional cream stripe on the leaves. Slimy culm sheaths when raining
or damp in the morning.
Most erect form than other Mtn. bamboos.
1/2   20'   1"   15 F   8-10   C
Himalayacalamus hookerianus 'Blue Bamboo'
  $32   $42   $70  
- syn. Drepanostachyum falcatum- BLUE BAMBOO
The new culms have a blue powder that makes them almost look "blue" from a distance. As they age
the culm colors vary from burgandy, terra cotta to green. Used in basket weaving and as animal fodder
 in the Himalayas. Seedlings only. Mother plants flowered and died.
1/2   20'   1"   20 F   9-10   C
Himalayacalamus hookerianus 'Teague's Blue' SEEDLINGS FEW
  $56   $95   $120  
  - syn. Drepanostachyum falcatum- BLUE BAMBOO
This cultivar came from a seedling from the Bill Teague collection. It has brighter colored
culms. (Flowered beginning 2014) NEW SEEDLINGS
1/2   25'   1"   20 F   9-10   C

Himalayacalamus hookerianus 'Betty Shor' SELECTED FROM ONE SEEDLING FEW
  $56   $95   $120  
- syn. Drepanostachyum falcatum- BLUE BAMBOO
This cultivar came from a seedling from the Betty and George Shor's house in La Jolla, CA.
It has brighter blue colored culms and purple internodes. (Flowered  2004)

1/2   25'   1"   20 F   9-10   C
Himalayacalamus porcatus - PORCATA BLUE BAMBOO BIG
  $32   $42   $70  
Introduced from Nepal is this rare species from 2,000-2,300 meters elevation. The graceful form is
complemented by tight clumping habit. The culms have a finely ridged internode. Simiar in habit to
H.  hookerianus.

1/2   20'   1"   20 F   9-10   C

"Neomicrocalamus microphyllus" see Himalayacalamus asper

Rhipidocladum racemiflorum Few
  $70   $100    
This is an incredibly beautiful vining bamboo from Mexico and Central America. Small leaves on
numerous branches form whorls of pompoms well spaced on the culms. In full sun it may be covered
with minute leaves. In shade the pompom effect is more apparent. (Flowering 2015)
1/2   20'   3/4"   25 F   9-10   C

Thamnocalamus crassinodus BIG
  $32   $42   $70  
Smaller leaves and more delicate looking than the Fargesias. Grown in the U.K. for many years.
1/2   18'   1"   10 F   7-10   C

Thamnocalamus crassinodus 'Mendocino'

  $55   $65   $100  
A new variety which found its way from a Himalayan trek to the West Coast. Large very droopy
 blue-green leaves adorn culms with exagerated  knobby nodes. Fast grower!
1/2   18'   1"   10 F   7-10   C

Thamnocalamus crassinodus 'Merlin' BIG
  $32   $42   $70  
  Pretty, small leaves adorn large noded culms. Native to the 10,000 foot level of the north-east
Himalayas. Fast grower. I like it.
1/2   18'   1"   10 F   7-10   C

Thamnocalamus tessellatus - Bergbamboes
  $32   $42   $70  
  A native bamboo of So. Africa. Similar to Fargesia. Has interesting looking culms. Grows in a slowly
spreading clump.
1/2   16'   1"   0 F   7-10   C

Yushania boliana (syn. Borinda boliana)
  $32   $42   $70  
The original plant was collected in Sichuan, China but it does not seem to fit any of the species described
in China. It came here via the Fuji Bamboo Gardens in Japan. Has pale blue culms. Reaches large size
quickly. It has become a personal favorite!
1/2   18'   3/4"   10 F    7-10   C

Borinda albocera Yunnan 3
Borinda angustissima
Borinda contracta
Borinda fungosa
Bor. mcclureana
Borinda perlonga
Borinda papyrifera
Borinda sp. muliensis
Chimonocalamus pallens
Chusquea andina
Chusquea bilimekii
Chusquea circinata
Chusquea circinata chiapas
Chusquea culeou
Chusquea argentina
Chusquea culeou Caña Prieta
  Chusquea gigantea Giant Form
Chusquea culeou Hilliers
Chusquea cumingii
Chusquea foliosa
Chusquea gibcooperi
Chusquea gigantea
Chusquea glauca
Chusquea liebmannii
Chusquea pittierii
Chusquea sp. Chiconquiaco
Chusquea subtessellata
Chusquea subtilis
Chusquea sulcata
Chusquea tomentosa
Chusquea valdiviensis
no photo
Drepanostachyum khasianum

Drepanostachyum sengteeanum
Fargesia ppicirubens (dracocephala)
Fargesia apicirubens (dracocephala) WhiteDragon
Fargesia denudata
Fargesia dracocephala rufa
Fargesia murielae
Fargesia murielae SABE939
Fargesia nitida

no photo

                  nitida 'Jiuzhaigou'

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Fargesia robusta
Fargesia robusta 'Wolong'
Fargesia rufa
Fargesia sp. scabrida
Fargesia-utilis (Borinda utilis)
Himalayacalamus asper
Himalayacalmus falconeri
Himalayacalamus falconeri Damarapa
Himalayacalamus hookerianus 'Falcatus'
Himalayacalamus hookerianus seedling
Himalayacalamus porcatus
Rhipidocladum racemiflorum
Thamnocalamus crassinodus

Thamnocalamus crassinodus Mendocino
Thamnocalamus crassinodus Merlin
Thamnocalamus tessellatus